How to Paint Your Pregnant Belly for Halloween
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How to Paint Your Pregnant Belly for Halloween

Pregnant Halloween costumes

Having a big pregnant belly for Halloween can be really fun for some. One of the most difficult costumes to find is a maternity Halloween costume. Many pregnant women feel the costume won't fit their belly, but instead of dreading the size of your belly, have fun with it! You do not need a complete Halloween costume, just use  your belly. There are so many different ways of painting your pregnant belly for Halloween. You can paint your belly by using the ProudBody Pregnancy Painting kit. This kit will allow you to have fun for Halloween, but also other holidays such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and the Fourth of July.

For $19.99 you will get 8 colorful colors white, black, red, blue, orange, yellow, pink, and green. These paint colors are safe for the skin, easy to apply and remove, and will not cause any skin irritations or harm to the unborn baby. Maybe you are so proud of your belly that you want to paint it for a special occasion like a birthday party, baby shower, or just a girl's night out. Your pregnant belly is a beautiful piece of art so beautify it instead of getting depressed over it.

What are some pregnant belly Halloween ideas I can use?  You can make your belly a pumpkin, baby in the womb, fish in a fish bowl, big daisy flower, apple and worm, the world, baseball, fish coming out of a bowl, sports team logo, Winnie the Pooh sitting in a jar of honey, Nemo in the ocean, snowman, beach ball, baby face, sunset, star and moon, bowl of fruit, belly of roses, watermelon, Gothic theme, and many more. It's all about using your creativity and what you like. The Pregnancy Halloween kit is also a great alternative to use on kid's for their Halloween make up. The kit can be found at

Where online can I find pregnant Halloween belly pictures? The best way to find exactly what you are looking for is to put "Belly painting pictures" into the Google search box and click on it. Then at the very top you will 45 pages of painted belly pictures to look at. If you want to be creative with your pregnant belly this is the page to go to. You will see painted tiger belly's, sunsets, tropical themes, Henna paintings, lady bugs, dragon themes and more.

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you come up with the greatest and innovative ideas

How to paint your pregnant belly for Halloween

[...] more here:  How to paint your pregnant belly for Halloween [...]

I second that, Carol Roach, what idea's... Thanks again 3lilAngels.


Never heard of paintings for pregnant women. However, and don't take me bad but I'm not sure I would appreciate such idea... Think my belly is private :)

Corey Colwell-Lipson

Fabulous topic! My only suggestion is that expectant mammas use handmade paints, made with organic food dyes and a little all-natural baby's butt-cream. If do-it-yourself is not your thing, the face pencils from or are non-toxic by European standards...

You're so much fun, I just love this! Thanks gf Kez

Love this idea! Very cute! :-)

How did I know this was you? Dugg!

This sounds like a lot of fun and is so unique. I love it.

Rafael Watson

on a side note: has some good tips on conceiving a boy or a girl.

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